BLOG: Protecting Children in a Virtual Learning Environment

COVID-19 cases are spiking again across the country. Schools that resumed in-person learning just a few weeks ago have now closed – and will not reopen until the new year. Virtual learning is now the norm for millions of children. But for a child stuck living and learning in a dangerous home – with an abusive caretaker — quarantine restrictions are a nightmare. Learn More »

BLOG: Abuse Claims within the Boy Scouts of America

Without clear child protection policies and procedures, youth-serving organizations leave the children in their care vulnerable to abuse. Predators seek out organizations with lax policies and a culture of “obedience and loyalty.” Learn how you and your youth-serving organization can do to help protect children and prevent abuse. Learn More »

BLOG: Trauma-informed Practice and Response in Schools

Children affected by COVID-related trauma and grief need our help. Educators must be trained on how to help children experiencing trauma during this time of social distancing and isolation. Join the Beau Biden Foundation in helping teachers build, understand, and incorporate trauma-informed practices and responses into a child’s daily life Learn More »

BLOG: Five Days of Action – “Be the Safe Adult”

“Safe adults” are the ones that children know they turn to when they need help. Those adults are educated on how to protect children from abuse, listen, and whose words make a child feel safe and respected. Learn more about what it means to be a safe adult in a child’s life and what the Beau Biden Foundation is doing to help. Learn More »

BLOG: Five Days of Action

Each year the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children joins forces with national partners for Five Days of Action – a week designed to raise awareness and inspire adults to take action to protect children from sexual abuse Learn More »

BLOG: Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween may be celebrated a bit differently this year in your neck of the woods. Whether you are having a family costume party at home or trick-or-treating on your block, it’s always critical to keep children safe. Here are some important tips to help adults protect children this Halloween. Learn More »

BLOG: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Nearly three out of four Americans know someone who is or has been a victim of domestic violence. This Domestic Violence Awareness Month, join the Beau Biden Foundation in supporting survivors by speaking out against domestic violence. Find out how to support victims and survivors in this blog. Learn More »

BLOG: Top 3 Questions for Families to Ask Educators About Online Learning

As children settle in at school, we want students to be safe in online learning environments. Teachers are often a child’s first defense against predators and bullies. But how safe are your children from abuse and bullying while learning online?  The safety of children must be paramount to every school’s plan. Here are some essential […]

BLOG: How to Talk to Children About 9/11 in a COVID-19 World

Every generation has a touchstone to a major historic event. From Pearl Harbor to the assassination of JFK, if you lived through one or both of those events, you remember where you were when these events happened. Now, in a world wrapped in a pandemic and facing new trauma, we remember 9/11. Learn More »

BLOG: Digital Privacy and Online Learning

At the Beau Biden Foundation, we talk a lot about how parents and teachers can keep students safe from online predators. Students are spending more time online this fall – learning, gaming, and connecting with friends. We talk a lot about how important it is that teachers and other professionals on the front lines of protecting students have the tools they need to protect children in online classrooms. Learn More »