BLOG: Tips to Protect Children Gaming Online

Video games are a lot different today than they were even 10 years ago. Thanks to in-game voice or text chats, a child isn’t simply sitting in the basement and playing a game with a friend from down the street. A child is on their laptop or Xbox, possibly chatting with a 36-year-old adult 3,000 miles away. Learn More »

BLOG: The Dangers of Anonymous Posting Online

An Instagram® profile was recently launched as a “safe space for BIPOC [Black, Indigenous People of Color]/humans of all gender identity/orientation” to anonymously share their experiences with “PWIs,” (Privileged White Individuals) in Wilmington, Delaware. Learn More »

BLOG: Congratulations Harlem Academy

The Beau Biden Foundation congratulates the Harlem Academy for completing the Beau Biden Foundation’s Shield of Protection® assessment. The Harlem Academy is an independent school in New York City that “prepares bright, motivated students for success at top secondary schools and lifelong learning. The school offers merit-based admissions, cultivates strong family partnerships, and ensures its economic diversity by meeting all demonstrated needs for tuition support.”  Learn More »

BLOG: The Rise in Child Sexual Abuse Materials Online

Child abuse prevention experts across the globe have been very concerned about the safety and well-being of children during the current health crisis. The Beau Biden Foundation agrees. Aside from children potentially sheltering in a dangerous place – with an abusive or predatory relative – they are also spending more time on the Internet. Online, children are opening the doors to child predators. As summer begins, Internet usage among children and teens will continue to skyrocket – and child predators will continue to interact with children and teens at an alarming pace.  Learn More »