Our children are spending more and more time on their devices. They have at their fingertips access to more information than even imaginable 15 years ago.

This connection is incredible. And also daunting.

Think back to when your parents first handed you the keys to the car so you could drive to work or to school for the first time – by yourself. How many hours had you logged behind the wheel with an adult in the passenger seat? Your parents were probably pretty confident you knew the rules of the road.

When you hand your child a phone or tablet for the first time, you’re essentially handing them the keys to their first car. How confident are you they know the rules of the road? And importantly, how confident you know everything they’re doing online?


Predators online right now – today – hunting, luring and grooming children for future abuse


Average age of an online gamer

1 in 3

Victims of online predators never tell an adult they’re in trouble


Of child pornography is produced by a child – at the demand of an online predator

These free eBooks are here to help you.

At the Beau Biden Foundation, we realize keeping tabs on your child’s digital life can be frightening. The phone never stops buzzing. The popular apps and games are constantly changing. You do a good job checking your kid’s profile and review their friends – but you worry you’re missing something.

We have four eBooks – one about your child’s digital life, one about online predators, one about online gaming and one about keeping kids safe in online classrooms. Click the links below to learn more about each free eBook. Fill out the form and, in a couple of minutes, we’ll email you a link to download the eBooks. More than 1,100 people have downloaded these free eBooks – children are safer because of it.

Seven Things eBook

Wondering what your child is doing online?

How much do you know about what your child is doing online? Seven Things You Don’t Know About Your Child’s Digital Life will help you have smarter conversations with them about their digital life. And, hopefully, it will help you help them make smart decisions about their digital footprint. Download it here: www.BeauBidenFoundation.org/SevenThings.

Online Predators eBook

Wondering how to protect a child from an online predator?

How confident are you that your child knows what to do when solicited by a predator? How comfortable are you talking to your children about online predators? Online Predators: What You Need To Know To Protect Your Child Today will help you understand how online predators hunt, lure and groom a child for future abuse – so that you can protect your child from a lifetime of trauma. Download it here: www.BeauBidenFoundation.org/OnlinePredators.

Wondering how to keep a child safe while they’re gaming online?

Video games are a lot different today than they were even 10 years ago. Online Gaming: Tips for Protecting Children will help you understand the most troubling aspect of online gaming today: that children are having unsupervised conversations, often very private conversations, with adults they do not know. Download it here: www.BeauBidenFoundation.org/OnlineGaming.

If you have or know a child learning online this fall, you’re in the right place. This free eBook – A Parent’s Playbook: Tips for Online Learning – contains the three most important conversations you need to have to protect a child. Download it here: www.BeauBidenFoundation.org/TipsForOnlineLearning.

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