Child predators go where potential victims are.

And online gaming provides a fertile field for hunting their next victim.

Did you know:

~ The average gamer is 36 years old.
~ There are 500,000 predators online every day, talking to children and teens while gaming online, lurking and waiting for an opportunity to lure and groom child victims.

Video games are a lot different today than they were even 10 years ago. Voice or text chats mean a child isn’t simply sitting in the basement, playing a game with a friend from down the street. A child is on their laptop or Xbox, possibly in their bedroom, likely chatting with a 36-year-old adult 3,000 miles away.

This is the most troubling aspect of online gaming today: children are having unsupervised conversations, often very private conversations, with adults they do not know.

In this eBook Online Gaming: Tips for Protecting Children, you’ll learn:

1. What gaming looks like today (it’s online).
2. What the risks are of gaming in our hyper-connected world (hint – there are 3 facts you should keep in mind before letting your child game online).
3. What you can do right now – today – to protect your child from these risks (hint – you’re probably already doing some of them).

You will also learn about four of the most common games children play online, and what you can do to ensure these games are safe for the children and teens in your life.

All for Free.

At the Beau Biden Foundation, we realize monitoring a child’s digital life can be daunting. The games, apps, platforms, and consoles are constantly changing – it’s not easy to keep up. We hope this ebook helps guide your conversations with your child about their digital life – be it in gaming or on social media. Ongoing conversations between parents and children, particularly as children grow and mature, serve as the basis for trust.

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