Our Pillars


In 2010, Beau asked his colleagues at the Delaware Department of Justice to investigate child abuse prevention programs. In the midst of handling the prosecution of one of the worst child predators in history, Beau pledged to train 5% of Delaware’s population (35,000 adults) in child abuse prevention. The Foundation will continue this work and partner with Darkness to Light to educate the remaining 18,000 adults in Delaware. We will offer scholarships, fellowships, and teaching seminars to insure the best resources are deployed to make this plan a reality.
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2Leadership Development

Beau brought out the best in people. As Attorney General, he recruited leading lawyers and investigators to the Delaware Department of Justice. He stood alongside the finest in his profession, and stood unique in his commitment to protect the most vulnerable in our community. Our scholarships, fellowships, and teaching seminars will increase incentives for the best and the brightest to enter the child protection space.

The Beau Biden Fellowship at the National Association of Attorneys General is an opportunity for state attorneys working in the area of child protection, child abuse and/or child exploitation to address policy, legislative and legal issues on a national level by research, writing and working hands-on with national experts. Learn More »


Beau worked hard to change and strengthen child protection laws in Delaware. The Foundation will continue this work at home, in Delaware, and on a national level. The Foundation is committed to passing state laws and federal legislation that protect children and bring a voice to the voiceless. In this pursuit, we advocate on behalf of legislation, act as a convener and raise awareness of sexual assault. Learn More »

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