Flagship Program: The Shield of Protection®
Cost: $3,000 and up

The Shield of Protection is a unique program designed by the Beau Biden Foundation’s experts in law, law enforcement, and education to help ensure schools and youth-serving organizations have the best policies, procedures, and programming in place to help protect children from all forms of child abuse and neglect.

Participating partner organizations will receive:

• A complete assessment of existing child protection procedures and policies.
• A best practice, stand-alone child protection policy built to suit your program delivery model whether in-person, remote, or hybrid.
• A choice of two accredited child protection workshops for faculty and/or staff:
– Grooming Children, Families, and Organizations
– Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
– Protecting Children in Virtual Learning Environment
– Internet Safety and Bully Prevention
• An annual review and policy/procedure updates.
• Access to the Beau Biden Foundation’s resource library, including tip sheets for parents and caregivers, as well as eBooks covering Internet safety and online predators.

The Beau Biden Foundation’s Shield of Protection is awarded only to schools and youth-serving organizations that have achieved the best practices in child protection policies and procedures as assessed by the Beau Biden Foundation. The Shield of Protection is fully revocable if standards fall below expectations set forth in their respective assessment.

Shield of Protection Partnerships begin at $3,000, based on the complexity and the scope of work to achieve best practices. Scholarships are available.

Individual Workshops
Just looking for individual workshops? Access to our child abuse prevention workshops and our programming for children is available to youth-serving organizations anywhere. Virtual or in-person workshops begin at $500.

Workshops for Adults

Protecting Children in a Virtual Learning Environment
During this 60-minute workshop for administrators and directors of schools and youth-serving organizations, educators, mentors, and coaches, we discuss how policy can help professionals establish healthy boundaries in an online environment with the students they serve. Attendees will learn how to communicate with students in an online environment that maintains observable and interruptible interactions, and how to recognize abuse and neglect through a webcam.

Grooming Children, Families and Organizations
During this 60-minute workshop, adults will learn how predators groom children, families, and organizations to isolate and abuse their victims. Participants will learn the signs of grooming and the strategies predators use to find and lure victims.

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
During this 60-minute workshop for adults on the front lines of child protection, participants will learn about mandatory reporting statutes, the different forms of abuse and neglect, how to recognize the signs of abuse and neglect in virtual learning environments, and how and when to make a report.

Stewards of Children®
During this two-hour, facilitator-led and evidence-informed workshop adults will learn how to recognize, respond, and report child sexual abuse (a program of Darkness to Light).

Workshops for Children

Internet Safety & Cyberbullying
During this 60-minute workshop for children in grades 3-12, students discuss typical situations they are bound to encounter online—often when they are alone. Through a series of videos and scenario-based discussions, students will learn progressively mature, age-appropriate lessons around: practicing good digital citizenship, maintaining privacy online, combating cyberbullying, responding to sexting and sexual solicitation, and recognizing an online predator.

Sexting, Sextortion, and Sexploitation
During this 60-minute workshop,  middle and high school students will explore the definition of sexting, the laws around it, and it’s potentially harmful aftermath. Students will learn to avoid the long-lasting and serious consequences of sharing intimate images, the realities of sextortion and sexploitation, and how their digital footprint will follow them beyond school.