“Abuse is a crime of isolation. Children are alone at home isolated and not being able to be seen by anybody else that might be able to recognize concerns.”
– Dr. Jamye Coffman, Cook Children’s Center for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

Imagine a girl in your town, call her Tina.

Her school is closed and she’s sheltering in place with her family. Her mother abuses her every night.

She hasn’t been in school for three weeks – there is no nurse to see her bruises, no teacher to see the tell-tale signs of abuse, and no counselor to hear her story. She is completely cut off from her support network.

This is frightening. You can be Tina’s hero.

For just $2 today, you can protect a child like Tina by ensuring the trusted adult in their life can recognize child abuse through a webcam. Your gift will be leveraged 20x (because of our online delivery model) – that means you’ll be protecting 20 children for just $2.

Tina is just one example of a child in a dangerous situation who needs your help. There are millions of kids cut off from their support networks. Please, make a gift today to the Beau Biden Foundation – and know that you’re protecting children and confronting abuse.

Yes, I want to leverage my gift and protect a child in crisis.