National Crime Victims’ Rights Week 2019

This National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (April 7–13, 2019) we are “Honoring Our Past and Creating Hope for the Future.”

Throughout his career, Beau Biden fought to protect children, families, and their rights. His efforts in restructuring the Victims’ Compensation Assistance Program after it was moved to the Department of Justice in 2010 saw a 60% increase in successfully processed applications and paid $2.3 million dollars to victims in its first fiscal year under his supervision.

In 2013, Beau Biden introduced what later became known as the Beau Biden Gun Violence Protection Act— a “common sense gun safety legislation” that balances due process and public safety in the ultimate effort to prevent senseless gun violence—which was passed into law just last year in Delaware.

The Beau Biden Foundation continues Beau’s tradition of protecting the vulnerable through prevention education and training, as well as helping to move forward a new bill which protects students and schools from educators accused of sexual abuse.

As we look ahead to the future, we are proud to carry on Beau Biden’s legacy of being a voice for victims and survivors of abuse, as well as their rights.

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