Download this tip sheet (for free) and get a ton of practical information to help you select a summer camp for a child!

Before you pick a camp or summer program for your child, you probably do some homework: what’s the curriculum? What do other parents or caregivers have to say about the camp?

This free tip sheet will help you evaluate what the camp or summer program does to keep a child safe from abuse and neglect. Fill out the form below, and in a few minutes, we’ll email you the tip sheet.

We completely revised and updated this tip sheet for 2021.


After downloading and reading this tip sheet, you’ll know:

1. Five questions to ask yourself and the camp director.
2. Seven best practice guidelines to expect from camps with robust child protection policies in place..
3. Four practical tips for monitoring a child’s safety during the summer.

All for Free.

Fill out the form above and in a couple of minutes, we’ll email you a link to download this free resource. Hopefully, it will help you be more confident in the summer camp or program you pick for your child.