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Before you pick a camp or summer program for your child, you probably do some homework: what’s the curriculum? What do other parents or caregivers have to say about the camp?

After downloading and reading this tip sheet, you’ll know:

1. Five questions to ask yourself and the camp director.
2. Seven best practice guidelines to expect from camps with robust child protection policies in place..
3. Four practical tips for monitoring a child’s safety during the summer.

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We completely revised and updated this tip sheet for 2021 for two reasons.

Many camps are continuing to offer virtual options for children. If you’re choosing a camp with a virtual option, it’s important you understand what safety guidelines the camp has in place to protect children who are “camping” or learning online. The same as you did when your child was attending online school. The virtual option has its own set of challenges and dangers if there are no policies to address the issues.

The past year has been incredibly challenging and traumatic for children. For some children, camp will be their first real out-of-home experience in a year – and it’s very important counselors and camp directors are prepared to help children emerging from a year of pandemic-related trauma.

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