How safe is the Internet?

Research suggests there are 500,000 predators using the Internet and social media every day to groom and lure children and teens. The most common target of online predators? Children between 9 and 13-years-old.

On Safer Internet Day, it’s worth asking the question: what can adults do to protect children from online predators? What do children need to know, to remember, to be aware of when posting and sharing on social media?

Today, your gift of just $8.70 will protect one of those vulnerable children from an online predator.

These questions are daunting. Where does a parent start? One place to start is the popular eBook the team here at the Beau Biden Foundation wrote – Seven Things You Don’t Know About Your Child’s Digital Life.

This weekend, more than 100 cheerleaders will gather with the Beau Biden Foundation to learn about the dangers of social media and sexting. Your generous gift of just $8.70 today will put a printed (and bound!) copy of the ebook in the hands of a parent who needs it. The tips and conversation starters in the ebook will help a foster parent keep their child safe from online predators.

There are 500,000 predators online every day.

On average, an online predator sends sexually explicit messages to ten children. Most parents don’t even know their child is being solicited.

Your gift of $8.70 will put this ebook in the hands of a vulnerable child – and help take an online predator offline.

Yes, I want to help take an online predator offline.