Patricia Dailey Lewis, Esq., Executive Director

Patricia Dailey Lewis., Esq.

is the Chief Executive Officer of the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children. Mrs. Lewis joined the Foundation in January 2016, as the first Executive Director, upon retiring from the Department of Justice after a 30-year career.

A practicing attorney for more than thirty-seven years, Mrs. Lewis was previously Deputy Attorney General with the Delaware Department of Justice and, until her retirement on November 30, 2015, served as the Director of the Family Division. The Family Division was created by Attorney General Biden in 2007 to better respond to the needs of children and families in the justice system and handled litigation concerning child protection, child abuse, juvenile delinquency, domestic violence, child support, elder abuse, and abuse of the infirm.

Mrs. Lewis has served as a Law Professor at Delaware Law School for thirty-five years and sits on the Board of Directors of The Children’s Advocacy Center of Delaware, the Victims Compensation Commission, and serves as a commissioner of the Child Protection Accountability Commission, and the Child and Maternal Health Commission. She has spoken at numerous national and international conferences on child protection, child death, and organizational practices to enhance child safety and well-being.

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