COVID-19 has closed schools across the country.
Children are at a much greater risk for abuse. And children who’ve already been abused are now in a crisis.

Children are spending more and more time online – and so are predators. The good news is that right now, for just $3, you can protect a child from a predator. You’ll do it by giving their parent vital information they need to protect their children from an online predator.

There are 500,000 predators online every day.

And with kids out of school and spending more time online, the Internet has become Spring Break for child predators.

But today with your gift to the Beau Biden Foundation you can protect a child and stop a predator. Here’s who you’ll be protecting by providing an adult with vital information:

1. A young boy is gaming online for several hours every day. He’s made a bunch of new friends, but doesn’t know that one of them is a child predator.

2. A young girl creates an Instagram account to document her self-quarantine. Her parents don’t know she has this account, and her increasingly provocative photos – meant to get likes and followers – catch the attention of a predator.

3. A young boy tweets a list of his favorite movies – opening the door for a predator to direct message and begin grooming him.

Yes, I want to protect a child and take an online predator offline.