As children and teens spend more time online and on their devices, it is imperative for parents to know some critical codes and acronyms that children may be using while chatting or “sexting” with a potential predator.

You may be familiar with “LOL” or “SMH” (Shake My Head). But, do you know what “99” or “WTTP” means? These are just a couple of the acronyms that predators are using to chat with children and teens to KPC (Keep Parents Clueless).

Please have open and age-appropriate conversations with children about online predators and safety. We also recommend reviewing  15 Apps Parents Should Know  (prepared by law enforcement) and an Electronic Device Agreement to help set proper expectations for children and teens regarding the use of electronic devices and expected behavior online. 

The Child Rescue Coalition recently compiled a list of 30 Internet Acronyms All Parents Need to Know.  Here are just some of those codes to help parents get familiar with the current lingo. 

Internet Acronyms All Parents Need to Know:

99     Parent Gone

142  (or 459) I love you

182   I hate you

1174    Nude Club

CD9   Code 9 – it means parents are around

FYEO   For your eyes only

GNOC   Get naked on camera

HAK   Hugs and kisses

KFY    Kiss for you

KPC   Keeping parents clueless

MIRL Meet in real life

MOS Mom over shoulder

NIFOC   Nude in front of computer

NSFW   Not safe for work

P911 Parent alert

PAW Parents are watching

PAL   Parents are listening

PIR    Parent in room

POS  Parent over shoulder

SWAK   Sealed with a kiss

WTTP   Want to trade pictures?

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