Updates from the Beau Biden Foundation

It’s been a busy February for the Beau Biden Foundation, so I wanted to fill you in on what we’ve been up to over the past few months.

Here are some important updates:

  • Summer Camp Safety – If you’re a parent beginning to evaluate summer camps and youth programs for your children this summer, it’s important to research what, if any, safety protocols are in place to protect children from abuse. We want parents to know what questions to ask summer youth program organizers so they can ensure their kids are safe. If you’re a parent, make sure you read our checklist.
  • Child ID Kits – The foundation is partnering with Smyrna School District in Delaware to put together 2,500 child ID kits. These are important tools that help law enforcement search for missing children. The first 24 hours following a child abduction are the most important, and these kits help parents equip law enforcement with the information they need right away. Learn more about the Child ID Kits here.
  • 5k and 10k Trail Run – On March 18th, the Beau Biden Foundation, in partnership with Velo Amis and Trail Creek Outfitters, will host its second annual 5k and 10k trail run at the historic Granogue Estate in Wilmington. Our goal is to raise $20,000 to expand our education and prevention programs across Delaware. Help us hit our goal by making a $5 or $10 donation.
PO Box 7819, Wilmington, DE 19803