The Beginning of the Beau Biden Foundation

The News Journal ran an article detailing the child abuse case that Beau prosecuted as Delaware Attorney General. Read about the case that inspired Beau to make it his mission to train five-percent of Delaware’s population in child abuse prevention. Don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Five years ago, Delaware’s highest court upheld the conviction of one of the worst pedophiles in American history.

“Earl Bradley will never walk out of prison …,” Attorney General Beau Biden announced at the time.

“Our job — to take care of the victims and their families as they heal from these unspeakable crimes — will never end.”

The state’s former chief law enforcement officer, who shined a brighter light on child sex abuse in Delaware, was prescient.

Bradley, the Lewes pediatrician convicted in 2011 of raping nearly 100 patients, including babies as young as 3 months old, rocked the First State and its insular medical establishment, prompting sweeping reforms.

Apart from new laws and policy manuals, the case profoundly impacted real people —the prosecutors seeking retribution for the most vulnerable, the attorneys defending the “indefensible” and the victims who came to realize that closure is elusive.

Here are their stories:

‘A case of great consequence’

Biden and Patricia Dailey Lewis were attending a Sussex County Christmas party in 2009 when prosecutors dropped a bomb: Bradley’s stash of incriminating thumb drives revealed substantially more victims than previously thought. Police had recovered the evidence squirreled away on top of a door frame in the pediatrician’s office.

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