What school will look like this Fall is a hot topic as school districts, charter schools, and private schools decide how students and teachers will learn safely. Whether learning happens online, in-person, or hybrid this fall, the fact is many parents and caregivers are returning to work – in some cases, leaving grandparents to care for children during school hours.

Raising children in today’s world is hectic enough without the added stress that comes with the current health crisis. Conventional forms of parenting have shifted and may not be applicable to today’s children and the challenges they face.

Nancy Cook, a Lincoln County, S.C. grandmother, perfectly sums this up in a recent article from the Charleston Gazette-Mail. “This is a different age that we are dealing with,” said Cook, “a different century, a whole new way of learning, and being a grandparent, you know you’re supposed to be the one to spoil and send them home. Now you have to be the parent, the teacher, everything you were as a parent, but now you’re much older.”

Compounding the generational gap, there is a technological divide between most school-aged children and their Baby Boomer or even Generation X (those born between 1965-1981) grandparents. Forty years ago it was unfathomable to access information and people across the globe on a computer or gaming console, let alone on a device that fits in the palm of your hand. 

With these technological advances, hundreds of thousands of child predators now have direct access to grandchildren. Predators may already be in a child’s bedroom – chatting with your grandchildren in an online game or social media. 

If you’re a grandparent providing care or supervision for a child learning online, it is critical to know what you can do to protect your grandchild.

Here are 4 things you can do right now:

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