“Abuse is a crime of isolation. Children are alone at home isolated and not being able to be seen by anybody else that might be able to recognize concerns.”
– Dr. Jamye Coffman, Cook Children’s Center for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

Schools across the country are closed. Communities are under shelter in place orders. Children who’ve been abused are now in a crisis. Children everywhere are at a much greater risk.

Calls to child abuse hotlines are plummeting because trusted adults – typically teachers, mentors, counselor and coaches – are unable to see children face-to-face. Interactions are now virtual.

This unspoken consequence of the current health crisis is frightening. But you have a chance – today – to make a gift to the Beau Biden Foundation and protect a child who is in a dangerous situation.

You can be a child’s hero.

For just $2 today, you can protect a child by ensuring the trusted adult in their life can recognize child abuse through a webcam. Your gift will be leveraged 20x (because of our delivery model) – that means you’ll be protecting 20 children for just $2.

Here’s who you’ll be protecting by providing an adult with vital information:

1. A sixth-grade boy is sitting in front of his laptop, working through an Algebra lesson with his math class. He’s distracted and keeps looking over his shoulder – his teacher chalks it up to learning online, never suspecting he’s fearful of his father.

2. A sophomore girl is quarantined and can’t see her boyfriend. He’s asking her to send nude pictures, and she doesn’t know who to talk to.

3. An eighth-grade boy is shooting baskets in his driveway, with his coach and teammates on Zoom. The coach can’t see the bruises on the child’s neck and arms.

These are only a few examples of children in dangerous situations who need your help. Please, make a gift today to the Beau Biden Foundation – and know that you’re protecting children and confronting abuse.

Yes, I want to leverage my gift and protect a child during this global crisis.