This is an idea only a trail runner would have

The global health crisis makes it impossible – and unsafe – for the Foundation to host the fifth annual Trail Run for Child Protection. And because the run is held on private property, we can’t reschedule it to a later date this year.

We cannot run together, or at Granogue. But that doesn’t mean we can’t run, right?

May 30th – the day we had planned for the race – will mark the fifth anniversary of Beau’s passing. You can honor Beau, protect children and get in a great workout by registering for the Virtual Trail Run for Child Protection today.

Honor Beau: Now, more than ever, children are at risk – cut off from their schools and support networks, children in dangerous homes have nowhere to go for help. Your gift today – in lieu of a registration fee – will honor Beau’s promise to protect children in Delaware and across the country.

Protect children: The best part of a virtual event is that it doesn’t cost the Foundation any money to put on. That means 100% of your gift will go toward protecting a child. You’ll do it by equipping her teacher with the knowledge needed to recognize abuse through a webcam.

Get in a great workout: On May 30th, run your race. 5k, 10k, 30k – whatever you want. Upload your run to Strava or the platform you use to track your workouts. Share it on social media. Let your friends know you’re running to protect children and honor Beau’s commitment to protecting children and confronting abuse. After you register for the virtual run, you’ll get an email with a special hashtag to use to promote the run.

Let’s do this – pick a distance and on May 30, Run for Child Protection.