Shield of Protection Initiative

“As adults, we have a legal and moral obligation to stand up and speak out for the children who are being abused  – they cannot speak for themselves.”    

-Beau Biden   

Based upon that conviction, the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children launched the Shield of Protection Initiative® in September 2017. 

The Shield of Protection Initiative provides a holistic assessment of youth-serving organizations and schools by thoroughly evaluating their child protection policies, procedures and programming, and the resources and programs they offer for the families and children they serve. After a thorough assessment, the Foundation creates a concrete action plan and works with the youth-serving organization to implement best practices and policies to better protect children in their care.

This Initiative helps organizations evaluate their level of competency in two broad areas:

Organizational Policies, Procedures and Practices

• Written Child Protection Policy

• Background Checks for all Staff and Volunteers

• Staff and Volunteer Training

Trainings and Resources for Families & Children

• Child Abuse Prevention Programming

• Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Prevention Training

• Child Identification Kits, Tip Sheets, and Other Resources for Parents

This program gives youth-serving organizations of any size the opportunity to work with experts in the field of child protection and ensures they have the best policies, procedures and programming in place.

The Beau Biden Foundation Shield of Protection Initiative is awarded only to schools and youth serving organizations who achieve standard or best practice designation in their policies and procedures around youth protection as assessed by the Beau Biden Foundation. 

Partners who have earned the Shield of Protection shall submit to an annual check-up.  This is intended to ensure compliance with standards set forth and acknowledge progressive steps taken towards youth protection.  The Shield of Protection is fully revocable if standards fall below expectations set forth in their respective assessment.