Every single day, a child walks into their classroom weighed down by both their backpack and the memory of the sexual abuse they’ve suffered.

Hearing that makes you want to help, right? Well, you’re in the right place.

Our Be The Shield donors are an incredible community of connected, invested heroes.

As a Be The Shield donor, you will be protecting one child – one vulnerable child – from sexual abuse every single day for a year.

Here’s what to expect when you join us.

Each month you will be reminded of the impact your monthly gift had on a child, a teacher, a coach or a community. Protecting children from sexual abuse starts with training and ends with an adult who knows what to say, who to call when a child discloses their abuse.

Every morning, you will wake up knowing you’re one of an unstoppable group of generous people making a profound difference in the lives of 36,000 of the most vulnerable children in classrooms and school districts across the country.

You belong here.

It will take 100 unstoppable monthly champions step up by August 23rd, to shield one child every single day. For a year.

Are you that champion? By committing to a monthly, recurring gift, you can BE THE SHIELD that every child desperately needs.

Children deserve to grow and thrive in a world safe from sexual abuse. You can make that possibility a reality. Please, join us.