Thank you for standing up and shining a bright light on child abuse and neglect.

Let your friends and family know that you speak out for children who cannot speak for themselves. Please click the image below to share on your social media with the hashtag, #ProtectAChildADayInMay.

Can we ask one more favor from you?
Imagine a girl in your town, call her Joan. She’s sheltering in place with her family, but she’s far from safe and healthy.

Her older step-brother molests her. Their parents are essential employees, and so Joan is home alone with him all day.

Her days are now as terrifying as her nights.

You can save Joan’s life. You’ll do it by helping her teacher recognize Joan’s abuse through a webcam.

This is frightening. You can be Joan’s hero.

Joan is just one example of a child in a dangerous situation who needs your help. There are millions of kids cut off from their support networks. Please, make a gift today to the Beau Biden Foundation – protect a child every day this month. You’ll do it by training her teacher to recognize abuse through a webcam.

Yes, I want to help protect one child every day this month.