One of the bright spots in the difficult year of 2020 was the bravery of the folks on the front lines of protecting children – teachers, mentors, social workers, nurses.

As we look forward to this new year, and the new opportunities it holds, we would like to take a moment to honor just some of those heroes. The following names were submitted by supporters like you:

All First Responders, Mental Healthcare Heroes, COVID-19 Vaccine Researchers, Dr. Ashish Parikh, MD, Beau Biden, Beth Curry, Brenda Jenkins, Brittney Ellis, Carolyn S. Freeman, Casey Chipman, Dr. Charles Ray Jones, MD, Cory DeBellis, Danny Goldstein, Fred Reed, Gary Smith , Jamie Blum, Jen Augustine, Joan Wilkie, Karen Carpentier, Karen E. Lynch, Karman Sparks, Kelly Selander-Fischer, Lance Corey, Dr. Lisa Liberatore , Dr. Maria Diaz-Stanchi, Mark Cohen, MD/PhD, Nora Fay Blake, Patrick Francis Mcaleavey, Rebecca Caplan, Ricardo (Rick) Leva Evia, Shelly Savanna, Tori Meskin, Valentina Borodina Lourtchenko, Yiannakis Georgiou

Would you like to honor a hero?

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