Like so many families, nonprofits and businesses, the pandemic had a dramatic impact on our fundraising efforts. We had to cancel or scale back all of our events. At the same time, children were sheltering in place – perhaps with a predator – and demand for our workshops skyrocketed.

Generous people like you have already stepped up this month – but we’re still $9,000 short.

Thanks to two generous friends of Beau, your gift today will protect even more children living in a dangerous home. Your gift will be tripled. You can protect three times as many child from a lifetime of trauma. You’ll do it by helping teachers recognize and report child abuse, by helping a family save their child from an online predator, by helping an after-school club identify a predator who applied to volunteer with children.

Help protect a child and stop a predator. Please, make a special gift today (it will be tripled) by using the secure form below.